Sophie Petitpas

Originally from France, Sophie Petitpas moved to Miami where she lived for many years. She was in the US when 9/11 happened, and the shock and devastation of this horrendous act led to an artistic approach to turn grief into art.
As a tribute to America, she used the symbol of the American flag with the influence of Pop Art to help create her artistic vision.
Sophie started collecting as many old and abandoned flags as possible in order to work on their revival.
Her flags still have their immutable majesty, mixed with the scars, tears and horror from this act of terror.
The banners are coated with clay, powdered stone, protective bands and gauze, sometimes enfolding in a network of threads, as stitches laid a wound. This work towards revival symbolizes a healing gesture through the heart and soul of an artistic process.
More than a dramatization of the American flag, its representation is a deconstruction, using various angles and facets as in Cubism.
As a result, the revival of the flag by Sophie Petitpas is a tribute to America. These abandoned flags, which would have been destroyed otherwise were given a new life in the artwork symbolizing an endless longing for a free world.