Young emerging artist born in 1978, Lyn'S has an atypical history. Indeed, her strong taste for artistic creation brought her to give up the Marketing innovation in a multinational company to become a student in School of fine arts.
Inspired by the narrative figuration of Jacques Monory, the artist shows us a daily urban scene through her bright paintings where pastel colors and explosive tints are mixed.
With a skimming golden light, the artist creates ambiguity regarding the depicted moment: is it the dusk or dawn?
The time seems to be fixed to let everyone be influenced by the caught moment, and go where our dreams fit into this universe. The omnipresent architecture immerses us in the heart of the city and its anonymous crowds; the view guides us through the flow of cars and characters.
People crossing, lost in their thoughts, side by side but somehow all living together are repeated elements in the artist’s work. It provides well-known landmarks that are our society's signature, the representation of a time that is ours.
Somewhere between the realism of Edward Hooper and the picturesque of Andre Derain, Lyn'S has found her own style: the Pop Impressionism. Looking at these shots of urban life pictorial compositions, we find ourselves smiling, touched just like being overwhelmed with several memories in front of a photography ."
Magali Tchussen