Florent Mabilat

Florent Mabilat has been drawn to lines and colors ever since he can remember. Music and the theatrical arts directed him to the stage. Since 2009, after years spent making animal cartoons, he has worked exclusively on the creation of images. Before that he worked as a lawyer in audiovisual law for a dozen years or so, after studying law in Nice and New York.
In 2012, while traveling in the Apulia region of Italy he had an epiphany looking at ancient olive trees. Since that “happy accident” he has been using the suggestive nature of certain trees as the point of departure from — and physical medium of — the painted image. His painting is centered on the body and the exploration of its physical representation. He chooses his formats to ensure that his paintings have a human scale. Certain series of paintings establish amongst themselves a playful, tense and resonant relationship.
Alongside his painting activities Florent Mabilat joined Le Carvansérail and Akozal, collectives to which he has contributed and with which he has participated in numerous residencies and public performances, including at the Vincennes Cartoucherie, at the Chalon dans la rue Festival, and the Saint-Denis 6b.
In order to pursue his need to meld mutual exchanges between performance and creation, in 2014 he initiated a collective with musicians, dancers, and actors, inviting them to interact with his art. The following year, after two residencies with the Souffleurs Commandos poétiques at Aubervillers and Nil Obstrat, an aerial circus near Cergy, the collective presented an initial exploration of dialogues between body, sound and painted image during Heritage Day at the Forges Royales de Guérigny (Bourgogne).
In 2016 he had his first private show in a Paris apartment; the following year he had his first solo show in the Marais, also in Paris, where he exhibited over forty paintings, most of which are now part of private collections in France, Dubai, Uruguay and Belgium.