Christian Gastaldi

I am a self-taught artist.
I was born along the shores of the Mediterranean in Sète, in south of France, in a city surrounded by salty waters, almost an island. With an engineer diploma in hand, I travelled the world, working and living abroad (Netherlands, Brunei, Argentina, Angola, Azerbaijan…). Then, Art became an absolute necessity.
I conceive my creations as a painter, even though I hardly use paint!
I conceive my creations as a poet, even though I deconstruct words, to retain only fragment of letters, desperate attempts to communicate.
My preferred materials are those that can be found in the streets, having suffered the passing of time, those whose mundane functions do not spontaneously elect them as arty material. I build my work upon the humanity and the fragility I perceived in those.
I am interested in questioning the fundamental elements of Art: Rhythm and Composition. I want to develop the graphic equivalent of the ‘style’ for a writer. I aim to be a visual poet.